5 Buzz-Worthy Wellness Products

5 Buzz-Worthy Wellness Products | HealthSoul

Buying some hot new products is always an exciting thing to do, especially if they help you be healthier. There are many out there on the market, and below you will find five of these products that are wellness related and buzz-worthy.

1. Fitbit Versa 2 SmartWatch

A great product to start with is this version of the Fitbit. The device will give you all kinds of info about your steps, sleep, and heart rate, among other things. The SmartWatch will connect directly to Alexa and has long-lasting battery life. There are hundreds of apps that will work well with Fitbit, including Spotify and several workout apps. The Fitbit app is also able to be used seamlessly on a person’s cellular device.

Also, the Fitbit recognizes voices and has alarms that are easy to get set up. This product costs roughly $200 and is a great first item to purchase to improve your health and well being.

2. Boss Soundsport Free Headphones

Bose also has numerous products on the market that are great for your mental well-being. These headphones cost around $200 as well, but the sound quality is impressive. Bose has long been known for its top-notch sound quality, and these headphones are no exception. These headphones are entirely wire-free and are the kind of product that will not fall out of your ears regularly. These are perfect for regular workouts or just when walking in the park.

Having a reliable pair of headphones will help you stay sane while at work or working out as well as give you an escape when you need one. When you combine these kinds of headphones with the Fitbit or your cellular device, you will be all set when it comes to sound.

3. Bamboo Bathroom Essentials

Bamboo is well known for how much panda bears like to eat it, how quickly it grows, and how many different things it can be made into. From flooring to hairbrushes bamboo can do it all. That’s why you can really start to cut down your carbon footprint by supporting zero waste bamboo brands like Seek Bamboo. Not only do these products have a chic look but they are one small step towards less packaging and trash.

4. Alen Breathesmart True Hepa Air Purifier

Having an air purifier, as we’ve mentioned before, is a great way to not only enhance the quality of the air you breathe in but also to detoxify. This product isn’t cheap at about $650. Still, it is well worth it because it removes allergens, smoke, bacteria, and any bad odors. It is said to work well in rooms that are up to 1,100 square feet. With a product like this, you will never have an issue with the quality of your air again in your home. There are also color-sensitive lights as well as a very quiet advanced WhisperMax technology. This air purifier will also last for several years, so it is an excellent long-term investment in general.

With one of these high-quality air purifiers, your sleep will improve, and you will be less likely to get a cold because of the air you breathe in. This will, in turn, reduce depression and increase overall productivity.

5. Charcoal Toothbrush

It also might be a great idea to invest in a charcoal toothbrush. These kinds of toothbrushes are also unique, like the bamboo toothbrush, in that they are infused with activated charcoal. This helps to whiten the teeth and absorb plaque and means that it will combat bad breath. With a charcoal toothbrush, you will want to use it like you would a regular toothbrush. These are also quite affordable and worth picking up. The charcoal toothbrush serves as an excellent complement to the bamboo toothbrush, so consider getting several of each to try out.

All of these products will help improve your life in general and make you more healthy than before. Some are just a few dollars while others are in the hundreds, but they are all worth checking out. Don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars on improving your quality of life.