There are 8 hospitals in Saudi Arabia. Check out their reviews, find out the required contact details, read genuine reviews about hospitals; know about the medical facilities and specialties available there along with other significant details about doctors and their specialties, etc. In addition, get real-time patient reviews of the infrastructure, patient care, food, nursing, and cleanliness, prior to admission.

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Al Emeis Hospital˜

King Faisal Rd
Sabya˜, Jizan 85534 SAU

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Al Qassim National Hospital˜

Ali Ibn Abi Talib Rd, Al Iskan
Buraydah˜, Quassim 52384 SAU

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Buraydah Central Hospital˜

Al Imarah, As Sadah
Buraydah˜, Quassim 52361 SAU

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Dr. Sulaiman AL Habib Hospital˜

King Abdulaziz Rd, As Safra
Buraydah˜, Quassim 51431 SAU

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King Fahad Specialist Hospital˜

An Naziyah
Buraydah˜, Quassim 52366 SAU

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Maternity and Children's Hospital˜

Uthman Ibn Affan Rd, Al Amn
Buraydah˜, Quassim 52384 SAU

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Psychiatry Hospital˜

Al Mustashfa
Baljurashi˜, Al Bahah 65635 SAU

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Tathleeth General Hospital˜

King Abdulaziz Rd
Tathleeth˜, Aseer 69317 SAU

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