There are 11 hospitals in Norway. Check out their reviews, find out the required contact details, read genuine reviews about hospitals; know about the medical facilities and specialties available there along with other significant details about doctors and their specialties, etc. In addition, get real-time patient reviews of the infrastructure, patient care, food, nursing, and cleanliness, prior to admission.

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Helgelandssykehuset, Mosj_en

Vefsnvegen 25-27
MOSJEN, Nord-Norge 8656 NOR

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Helgelandssykehuset, Sandnessj_en

Prestmarkveien 1
SANDNESSJEN, Nord-Norge 8800 NOR

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Helse F_rde, F_rde sentralsjukehus

Svanehaugvegen 2
FRDE, Vestlandet 6812 NOR

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Helse M_re og Romsdal, lesund sjukehus

sehaugen 1
LESUND, Vestlandet 6017 NOR

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Medi 3 lesund

Sundgata 12
LESUND, Vestlandet 6003 NOR

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Nordlandssykehuset somatikk, Bod

Prinsens gate 164
BOD, Nord-Norge 8005 NOR

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Sykehuset Innlandet, Gj_vik

Kyrre Grepps gate 11
GJVIK, Austlandet 2819 NOR

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Sykehuset i Vestfold, T_nsberg

Halfdan Wilhelmsens alle 17
TNSBERG, Austlandet 3116 NOR

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UNN, Troms_ Universitetssykehus

Sykehusvegen 38
TROMS, Nord-Norge 9019 NOR

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Vestre Viken, Ringerike sykehus

Arnold Dybsjords vei 1
HNEFOSS, Austlandet 3511 NOR

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Vestre Viken, Ringerike sykehus, Hallingdal sjukestugu

Helsetunvegen 15
L, Austlandet 3570 NOR

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