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Overview of Sunetra Eye Care Hospital

Sunetra Eye Care Hospital is multispecilaity hospital in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. Find patient reviews, specialty ranking and compare with nearby hospitals.

Patient ratings

of Sunetra Eye Care Hospital



Doctor's care


Nursing care


Food Services


Speciality Summary

Eye Care


Patient reviews of Sunetra Eye Care Hospital


Services Used: Eye Care

Excellent care. Staff prepared and very kind.

  • Date Visited 02-2019
  • Overall Satisfaction

    Care by Doctors
    Care by Nurses
    Hospital Cleanliness
    Hosptial Food services

Recommended: Yes


The hospital accepts various types of health insurance, but individual coverage may be variable. You should check with your insurance whether the hospital is in network or not. You can make payment via cash, credit card or debit card.

You can request an appointment with specific doctor on hospital's website or make appointment request on HealthSoul.

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