There are 4 hospitals in Denmark. Check out their reviews, find out the required contact details, read genuine reviews about hospitals; know about the medical facilities and specialties available there along with other significant details about doctors and their specialties, etc. In addition, get real-time patient reviews of the infrastructure, patient care, food, nursing, and cleanliness, prior to admission.

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Regional Hospital Hammel Neuro Center (Hospitalsenhed Midt)

Voldbyvej 15
Hammel, Central Denmark Region 8450 DNK

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Regionshospitalet Silkeborg (Hospitalsenhed Midt)

Falkevej 3
Silkeborg, Central Denmark Region 8600 DNK

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Regionshospitalet Viborg (Hospitalsenhed Midt)

Heibergs All_ 4
Viborg, Central Denmark Region 8800 DNK

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Sundhedshus Tarm (Hospitalsenheden Vest)

Kirkegade 3
Kirkegade 3, Central Denmark Region 6880 DNK

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