Christine Townsend, MD is an Assistant Professor at Columbia University Medical Center’s Department of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine. She specializes in seeing patients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries, and sports and dance-related injuries.
Dr. Townsend is a former dancer who spent 6 years performing professionally and teaching dance prior to earning her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. She received her MD from the University of Kansas School of Medicine and completed her residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at New York-Presbyterian – Columbia and Cornell. She then went on to complete a sports medicine fellowship at Montefiore Medical Center.
Dr. Townsend has a first-hand understanding of the importance for athletes, including performing artists, to be functioning physically at the highest level possible. When injuries do happen, she addresses them with a holistic approach. She believes in an integrated, multi-disciplinary, individualized plan of care for every patient.
Areas of expertise:Hand and Wrist ProblemsHip InjuriesHip PainJoint InjectionsJoint PainKnee PainLumbar PainMinimally Invasive ProceduresUltrasound Guided ProceduresMusculoskeletal PainMusculoskeletal RehabilitationNeuropathyNon-operative Sports MedicineOsteoarthritisOveruse InjuryPhysiatry ConsultPhysical Medicine and RehabilitationPlantar FasciitisRehabilitationRehabilitation MedicineRunning injuriesSacroiliac Joint PainSecond OpinionsTrigger FingerTrigger Finger TherapyTrigger Point InjectionsArthritisBursitisCarpal Tunnel SyndromeCervical Neck PainDisorder of LigamentElbow PainOveruse Injuries (Athletes)Muscle/Ligament DisorderMuscle StrainMuscle StiffnessTennis ElbowMuscle PainTear, MeniscusMuscle InjuryTear of Meniscus of KneeMeniscus TearsStress Fracture of TibiaKnee InjuryStress Fracture of FemurKnee InjuriesStress FractureKinetic Chain ApproachSprains and StrainsInjury of MuscleSprainSports Medicine RehabilitationIliotibial Band SyndromeSports MedicineHamstring Tendonitis/InjurySports Injury RehabilitationHamstring TearSports InjuryGolfer's ElbowSports InjuriesFracturesSpine TraumaFoot and Ankle InjuriesSpine RehabilitationElbow Joint PainSpine PainCervical Pain (Neck)Shoulder PainAnkle PainShoulder Joint InstabilityAnkle InjuryShoulder InjuryAdolescent Sports InjuriesRunner's KneeACL Injury TearRotator Cuff TearRotator Cuff InjuryRepetitive Stress InjuryPlatelet Rich Plasma TherapyPlatelet Rich Plasma (PRP)Patellar TendonitisDance MedicineDance Injuries


  • Sports Medicine

    Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that works with athletes and others who play sports or take part in physically demanding activities that may result in injury or other overuse-related problems. Therefore, it is closely related to physical therapy. Since athletes can experience certain issues that may be uncommon in the rest of the population, the doctors who specialize in this field have advanced knowledge of the body and issues that may arise from participating in various physical activities.

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