Swati Arora, MD, FASN

Dr. Swati Arora is an Assistant Professor, Drexel University. She completed her residency, chief residency, and Nephrology fellowship at Allegheny Health Network-Medical Education Consortium in Pittsburgh, PA.

Though her clinical practice includes a wide variety of patients with kidney disease, she specializes in management of patients with glomerulonephritis (GN), nephrotic syndromes and autoimmune conditions affecting the kidneys such as lupus nephritis, ANCA vasculitis. She also has interest in managing pregnancies complicated with kidney disease and kidney transplant recipients with GNs.

Dr. Arora strongly believes in multi-disciplinary approach to management of complex patients with glomerulonephritis. She is Co-director of Glomerular disease program at Autoimmune Institute located at West Penn Hospital where patients get care from multiple sub-specialties under one roof. She is course director for CME-accredited GN board which is a common platform for discussion of rare and complex patients with GNs among Nephrologists, Rheumatologists, Pathologists and department of Medicine. She is also serving as an Associate Director and Deputy Editor for Harvard CME accredited GlomCon conference series that is attended by Nephrologists and Nephropathologists from over 110 countries. She is actively involved in many research studies that include building GN registry, trials with new drugs for patients with GNs and has many peer-reviewed publications.





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