Dr. Schnepp completed her five-year general surgery residency at the University of Missouri – Kansas City where she was awarded the Surgery Resident of the Year honor for four years in a row. She earned her medical degree from Tulane School of Medicine. Dr. Schnepp began her general surgery practice at St. Mary’s Health Center in 2008 and shortly thereafter was named Medical Director of SSM Health Breast Care at St. Mary’s. Although Dr. Schnepp, a board certified surgeon, is trained to perform all general surgery including breast surgery, she has an interest in breast disease and is now practicing breast surgery only. Dr. Schnepp’s capabilities include evaluation of breast diseases including new breast masses, nipple discharge, breast pain, breast cancer, abnormal mammograms and high-risk consultations with patients such as those with a family history of breast cancer or prior breast biopsies showing atypical findings. In addition, she is able to perform minimally invasive core needle biopsy procedures with ultrasound guidance or stereotactic (mammographic) guidance. Dr. Schnepp practices at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital - St. Louis and SSM Health St. Clare Hospital - Fenton.

Dr. Schnepp has completed extensive training in Hidden Scar® Breast Cancer Surgery, an advanced approach to removing breast cancer. She performs both Hidden Scar Lumpectomy/Partial Mastectomy and Hidden Scar Mastectomy procedures. During Hidden Scar® Breast Cancer Surgery, the incision is made in the fold under the breast, around the edge of the nipple area or in the armpit, so the scar is less visible after breast surgery.



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The office is located at 1031 Bellevue Ave in St Louis, MO.

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