Dr Vivek Bansal is Senior consultant- Department of Radiation Oncology. He has post graduated from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and has done his M.D., DNB in Radiation Oncology in1992. He moved to PD Hinduja Hospital Mumbai in 1996 and was instrumental in starting India’s first 3D Conformal treatments there. He treated brain tumour patients with Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) treatments using India’s first Gamma knife there with Experienced Neurosurgery team both for benign and malignant tumours. He is now with us Apollo CBCC Cancer Care Hospital as Sr. Consultant Radiation Oncology


  • Radiation Oncology

    Radiation oncology is the field of medicine that aims to treat cancer with radiation therapy. The doctors who treat cancer in this way have an in-depth understanding of the unique problems patients face when they undergo radiation and can, therefore, give them a more beneficial experience. They can help their patients explore a wide variety of treatment options, so they can pick the kind of radiation therapy that’s right for them and their specific conditions.

  • Credentials

    MBBS, M.D., DNB



    Graduation year


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    Professional School

    Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

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    FAQs about Dr. Vivek Bansal

    Dr. Vivek Bansal generally accepts new patients.

    Dr. Vivek Bansal has not indicated on the profile that their office offers tele-health visits. You can call their office to find out more about telehealth visits.

    Dr. Vivek Bansal has not indicated on the profile that their office offers same day appointments. You can call their office to find out more about same day appointments.

    You can request appointment via HealthSoul or contact their office.

    The top specialties of Dr. Vivek Bansal include Radiation Oncology

    You can make payment via cash, credit card or debit card.

    The office is located at Akshara', 12 Shanti Sadan Co-op Housing Society Ltd. in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

    Dr. Vivek Bansal accepts various types of health insurance, but individual coverage may be variable. You should check with your health insurance whether the particular doctor is in network or not.

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