Anne Maestas, DPM, is a board-certified podiatrist. She received her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) from Des Moines University College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. She completed her Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency from SSM Health DePaul Hospital, where she served as Chief Resident. She also completed a five-week surgical fellowship in Germany with the Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery, which consisted of specialized foot and ankle reconstruction techniques.

Dr. Maestas is clinically and surgically trained in the management of foot and ankle conditions. She has special interests in foot and ankle trauma, sports and tendon injuries, degenerative arthritis of the foot and ankle, bunions, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, diabetic wounds, flatfoot and cavus (high arch) foot types. She provides care to patients of all ages.

Dr. Maestas is a member of the American Podiatric Medical Association and the American College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics & Medicine.

In college, Dr. Maestas played softball, which shaped her love of both sports and Sports Medicine. She grew up in Wright City, Missouri, and she values the quiet, rural lifestyle. When she is not working, Dr. Maestas enjoys spending time with her loved ones and her dog, being outdoors, attending concerts, or just relaxing with a good book.


  • Podiatry

    A podiatrist is a medical professional who specializes in treating the foot, ankle, and parts of the legs. Podiatrists can diagnose disease, injuries, and problems, run tests, perform surgery, and come up with other treatments to help patients deal with foot and back problems.

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    Heel Pain, Bunion, Plantar wart, Plantar fascitis, Heel spur, Foot pain, blood test for hormones

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