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Internal Medicine

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Dr. Nivedita Adabala is an Internal Medicine doctor (Primary Care Physician) in Florence, SC, USA. Dr. Nivedita Adabala is affiliated with Mcleod Regional Medical Center Of The Pee Dee, Inc. Dr. Nivedita Adabala provides medical care in outpatient clinic and hospital setting. Dr. Nivedita Adabala provides preventive care, medical check ups, immunizations, medical treatment for disease like hypertension, diabetes, heart problems and refer to other specialists if needed. You can find contact information like phone number, practice website, office address and reviews for Dr. Nivedita Adabala.

Specialities :

  • Internal Medicine
    An internist or Internal Medicine doctor is someone who specializes in diagnosing and treating illnesses, diseases, and health problems. Most internists are also primary care doctors and treat patients on a regular basis. They can diagnose and treat common illnesses or more serious problems. Most people see an internist regularly. Those with chronic illnesses may do so on a monthly or even weekly basis. Internists are the most common types of doctors.
Gender :Female
Graduation year :2009
Years of experience :10
Affiliated Practices :
Mcleod Regional Medical Center Of The Pee Dee, Inc


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Date Visited: 08-2019

As a patient of over 20 years, I have had the best experience with Dr. Adabala as a Hospitalist. Throughout the years many doctors couldn’t find out what was going on with me and she diagnosed my problem within days. Very attentive bed side manners and great people skills. Thank you and God Bless You, Dr. Adabala.

Created at: 08-13-2019

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