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Dr. Jose Diaz

Critical Care (Intensivists)

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1000 Montauk Hwy
West islip, NY, 117954927, USA

(631) 376-4094
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Overview of Dr. Jose Diaz

Dr. Jose Diaz is an Intensivist or Critical care doctor in West islip, NY, USA. Dr. Jose Diaz is affiliated with Southwestern Vermont Medical Center Inc, Samaritan Emergency Medical Services Pc. Dr. Jose Diaz provides treatment to patients who are critically ill and admitted in ICU (Intensive care unit) in the hospital. Dr. Jose Diaz manage conditions like sepsis, intubated patients with respiratory failure and perform procedures like intubation, bronchoscopy, resuscitation.  Here you can find contact information like phone number, practice website and reviews for Dr. Jose Diaz.

Specialities :
  • Critical Care (Intensivists)
    Critical care is provided for patients who are suffering from life-threatening conditions. The doctors who work with these people are often called intensivists. They focus on a range of different issues, so they can serve people who need immediate and life-saving care. Since people who need critical care are suffering from such a wide variety of issues, intensivists must have a thorough understanding of diverse types of medical issues and the devices and medications needed to treat them.
Conditions :
Procedures :
Graduation year :2011
Affiliated Practices :Southwestern Vermont Medical Center Inc
Samaritan Emergency Medical Services Pc


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