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Dr. Jashbhai Patel

Family Medicine

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Franciscan Physician Network
30 E 15th St
Chicago Heights, IL, 60411-3459, USA

(708) 755-9355
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Dr. Jashbhai Patel is a Family Medicine or Primary care doctor in Chicago Heights, IL, USA. Dr. Jashbhai Patel provides medical care in outpatient clinic. Dr. Jashbhai Patel provides preventive care, medical check ups, immunizations, medical treatment for disease like hypertension, diabetes, heart problems and refer to other specialists if needed. You can find contact information like phone number, practice website, office address and reviews for Dr. Jashbhai Patel.

Specialities :

  • Family Medicine
    Family medicine doctor or Internist is someone who specializes in diagnosing and treating illnesses, diseases, and health problems. Most internists are also primary care doctors and treat patients on a regular basis. They can diagnose and treat common illnesses or more serious problems. Most people see an internist regularly. Those with chronic illnesses may do so on a monthly or even weekly basis. Internists are the most common types of doctors.
  • General Surgery
    A general surgeon is a medical professional who performs surgery on patients. General surgeons typically perform common surgeries and have attended college and medical school to learn the skills needed to perform them successfully. They also care for their patients before and after operations and can give an accurate prognosis after the surgery is complete and the patient has had time to heal.
  • Surgical Oncology
    Surgical oncology is a type of oncology, or the study of cancer, that seeks to diagnose or treat cancer and non-cancerous tumors through surgical means. Often, radiation and chemotherapy treatments won’t be able to remove cancer that presents itself in a patient’s body. In these cases, surgery can be a viable solution that helps patients beat their cancer and recover their strength. These doctors have gone through extensive study to gain the knowledge to properly perform surgery on cancer patients
Gender :Male
Professional School :Other
Affiliated Hospitals :
Franciscan Health Olympia Fields
St Anthonys Memorial Hospital
Affiliated Practices :
Family Care Associates Of Effingham Sc


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