Erica Weitzner, MD is a member of Summit Health's Endocrinology team. Dr. Weitzner treats a variety of conditions related to the endocrine system, including (but not limited to) thyroid disease, adrenal disease, hypertension, and neuroendocrine disorders. She has extensive training in treating type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and diabetes during pregnancy.

Dr. Weitzner makes it her mission to stay up to date on new treatments and technology and is always looking for ways her patients can incorporate technology into their daily routines. Additionally, she has a special interest in transgender medicine and supports a person’s option to choose the gender they feel most comfortable presenting to those around them.

Dr. Weitzner’s love for science, mathematics, and learning how things work led her to the vast field of endocrinology, a discipline that attempts to understand the connection to and interaction of endocrine glands and hormones with the rest of the body. She says, “Endocrinology felt like such a natural extension of what I already loved, weaving together biochemistry, genetics, and biology for the benefit of patient care.” She adds, “Patients with endocrine disorders need very specialized, individual care, and I make sure they receive that during a visit with me and throughout their treatment plan.”

When not caring for patients, Dr. Weitzner enjoys knitting, baking, spending time with family and friends, and attending shows on Broadway.


  • Endocrinology

    Endocrinologists are medical professionals who specialize in glands and the hormones they produce. They also deal with chemical processes in the body and how they help the body turn food into energy, grow, heal, and function. They help treat a variety of illnesses and diseases like diabetes, thyroid diseases etc.

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    8:30AM - 5:00PM





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    The top specialties of Erica Weitzner include Endocrinology

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    The office is located at 19-21 Fair Lawn Avenue in Fair Lawn, NJ.

    Erica Weitzner accepts various types of health insurance, but individual coverage may be variable. You should check with your health insurance whether the particular doctor is in network or not.

    Acromegaly, Addison's disease, Adrenal hyperplasia, Cretinism, Cushing's syndrome, Androgen insensitivity syndrome, Gigantisim, Hirsutism, Hypothyroidism, Hypogonadism, Hyperthyroidism, hyperaldosteronism, Hyperpituitarism, Hyperprolactinemia, Hyperparathyroidism, Hypopituitarism, Hypoparathyroidism, Empty sella syndrome, Nelson syndrome, Skin pigmentation, Pheochromocytoma, Polycystic ovarian syndrome, Delayed Puberty, Prolactinoma, Turner syndrome, Grave's disease, Precocious puberty, Thyroid cancer, Calcium Deficiency, Dwarfism

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