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Dr. Dathan Hamann


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Overview of Dr. Dathan Hamann

Dr. Dathan Hamann is a dermatologist in Phoenix, AZ, USA. Dr. Dathan Hamann provides diagnosis and treatment of diseases involving skin, hair and nails. These diseases may include from acne, skin infections to skin cancer. Dr. Dathan Hamann may use sometimes biopsy and microscopy test for accurate diagnosis. Here you can find contact information like phone number, practice website, office address and reviews for Dr. Dathan Hamann.

Specialities :

  • Dermatology
    Dermatologist is a doctor who has received special training to treat adults and children with benign and malignant disorders of the skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes. They can diagnose skin cancer, skin allergies, and other skin conditions and disorders. They also treat these skin problems and look for underlying causes.
Gender :Male
Graduation year :2014
Years of experience :5
Affiliated Practices :
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