Dr. Adiha Khan is the youngest of the “dental trifecta”, that is, the youngest amongst her and her dentist siblings. She has had the opportunity to have 2 older siblings, who are dentists, both serving to introduce her to the field. She grew up playing with dental materials as a kid and listening to conversations about root canals and zirconia crowns at the dinner table. Because of this, the field of dentistry has always felt like “home.” Her strong connection to dentistry was an influential factor in her decision to pursue a dental education, so she attended the University of Tennessee College of Dentistry and graduated from there 2017. She spent time in school focusing on her passion for surgery by completing an intensive research fellowship with Dr. George Huang during her dental school career that focused on odontoblastic/osteoblastic differentiation of stem cells and use of stem cells in a FDA-approved bone grafting material.


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    Dentists are doctors who provides diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases included cavities, gum problems, root canal etc. Their office is usually able to provide services like dental cleaning, diagnostic X rays.

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    The University of Tennessee College of Dentistry

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    The top specialties of Dr. Adiha Khan include Dentistry

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    The office is located at 6300 W Loop S #250 in Bellaire, TX.

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    Dental care, Oral Health, Bad breath, Brushing, Fluoride in water, Impacted Teeth, Dental Caries, Cavities, Temporomandibular joint disease, Oral cancer, Gum Bleeding, toothache, Gingivitis, Periodontal disease, Dental Floss

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