Find the Best Chiropractor in Waldorf from the list below. Read real reviews and reach the top Chiropractor near you in Waldorf. There are 12 Chiropractor in Waldorf with an average rating of N/A stars.

Chiropractic practice, in North America, is treated as an alternative treatment option for various health issues. The practice is mostly concerned with the treatment of musculoskeletal system disorders through chiropractic adjustments which are performed by Doctors of Chiropractic. Finding a chiropractor near you has never been easier!

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Charles Judge

3 Post Office Rd
Waldorf, MD, 20602-2756, USA


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David Kane

Southern Maryland Chiropractic Center David E. Kane Pc
3450 Old Washington Rd
Waldorf, MD, 20602-3249, USA


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Dr. Melody Jackson

12070 Old Line Ctr SUITE 301
Waldorf, MD, 206022567, USA


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Dr. Patrick Farrell

11350 Pembrooke Sq
Waldorf, MD, 206034809, USA


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Elizabeth Rand

Chiropractic Care Center Inc.
957 Chandler Ct
Waldorf, MD, 20602-2800, USA

Chiropractic, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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Everett Scott

Pro Perform Spinal Health And Rehab, Llc
12070 Old Line Ctr
Waldorf, MD, 20602-2567, USA


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Jess Crawford

Chiropractic Care Center Inc.
957 Chandler Ct
Waldorf, MD, 20602-2800, USA


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Kenneth Sable

Kenneth J Sable And Assoc Inc
3261 Old Washington Rd
Waldorf, MD, 20602-3231, USA


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Life Care Chiropractic and Wellness Center

1 Post Office Road
Waldorf, MD, 20602, USA


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Shawn Neville

Kennedy Chiropractic Pc
4140 Crain Hwy
Waldorf, MD, 20603-4858, USA


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Thomas Kline

Thomas M. Kline, D.C.,P.A.
11637 Terrace Dr
Waldorf, MD, 20602-3707, USA


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Chiropractic Care Center Inc.

957 Chandler Ct
Waldorf, MD 20602 USA

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Major types of Chiropractors in USA

  • Neck and back pain Chiropractor 
  • Pregnancy Chiropractor 
  • Pediatric Chiropractor
  • Baby Chiropractor
  • Prenatal Chiropractor

Chiropractor vs Physical Therapist

Chiropractors and physical therapists are two different medical professionals, headed by different councils of North America, offering different healthcare services. 

  • Chiropractors are more experienced and use some form of manipulation to restore joint function. On the other hand, physical therapists are less experienced and utilize joint manipulation to a very small extent. 
  • The education curriculum of physical therapists and chiropractors is completely different. Chiropractors spend months in physiology, pathology, clinical examination, radiology, laboratory testing and interpretation and diagnosis classes, which, is very much lacking in case of physical therapists.  
  • Chiropractors are accessible to general public i.e. anyone experiencing medical problems curable by doctors of chiropractic can visit a Chiropractor near them without any referral or medical prescription by a Doctor. A visit to Physiotherapist would require the person to obtain a referral from a licensed Doctor. 

FAQs about Chiropractor in Waldorf

You can check the profile of Chiropractor in Waldorf from list above, most of them are accepting new patients.

There are many website to look for Chiropractor reviews like Google, Facebook, HealthSoul.

The best way to find out is call the doctor office directly about insurance acceptance. Even one insurance may offer different products and coverage can be different for each individual. You can check the website of your insurance company if the Chiropractor chosen by you is in network or not.

There are a few things you must remember while visiting a Chiropractor in Waldorf: Always bring a list of your current medications, a list of Doctors you visit, your medical history, your family’s medical history, and a list of questions you have about your condition.

Most Chiropractor in Waldorf are available from 8am to 5pm in office and there is always somebody available 24/7 for emergencies. Please call the office to check the availability of a particular doctor.

There are many factors when considering best Chiropractor in Waldorf. These included experience, education, certifications, Chiropractor reviews. Some of the best Chiropractor in Waldorf can be seen from the list above based on the patient feedback.

More Questions

Doctors of Chiropractic use different practice philosophies and techniques. Therefore, consider your rapport with the doctor as well as your compatibility with joint manipulation style practiced by them. The best you can do is to check for, if available, any recommended chiropractors that are covered by your health insurance plan.

Yes, chiropractic services are covered by most health insurance policies. However, it is better to check with health insurance providers to know if there’s a clause in your insurance policy which covers the charges incurred at Chiropractors’ clinic.

The term ‘Chiropractors’ generally refers to doctors of Chiropractic who offer chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic care focuses mainly on diagnosing and treating neuromuscular disorders through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine.

Chiropractic programs are helpful for muscle-related or unexplained lower-back pain, even when you’re healthy. So, whenever you’re experiencing any of these issues, visiting a Chiropractor is fine. However, make sure the Chiropractor you are visiting is trained and licensed.

There’s a wide range of chiropractic services and practitioners offering the same at varied cost across North America. Therefore, it’s better to confirm the charges based on the chiropractic services you’re seeking from the chiropractor you choose to see. In general, Chiropractic services can cost somewhere between $30 to $200 for new session and $30 to $60 for a follow up appointment.

HealthSoul has profiles of over 40000s of best-rated chiropractors/ doctors of chiropractic near you, review your selection based on their customer feedback, their ratings, specialities and their cost before booking an appointment for yourself as per your convenience. You can also visit to get list of certified chiropractors.

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