Sheneese Charles is the owner and founder of BE VEry Resilient with approximately 10 years experience in the nursing field. Sheneese is a board-certified Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and assess, diagnose, and treat a variety of mental health disorders. She has practiced as a mental health provider in community outpatient setting. Much of her career as a Registered Nurse has been spent in mental health and addiction, working with adults, adolescents, and children from various back


  • Addiction Medicine

    Addiction medicine deals with patients suffering from a wide variety of addiction problems. It aims to free people from their addictions while providing support, counseling, and mental health services. Medical professionals who work in addiction medicine can help patients work through the detoxification process as well as provide harm reduction tactics and rehabilitation services. They may also treat conditions like hepatitis and HIV, which are related to addiction issues. This type of medicine is often associated with public health.

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    FAQs about Sheneese Charles, Pmhnp

    Sheneese Charles, PMHNP generally accepts new patients.

    Sheneese Charles, PMHNP has not indicated on the profile that their office offers tele-health visits. You can call their office to find out more about telehealth visits.

    Sheneese Charles, PMHNP has not indicated on the profile that their office offers same day appointments. You can call their office to find out more about same day appointments.

    You can request appointment via HealthSoul or contact their office.

    The top specialties of Sheneese Charles, PMHNP include Addiction Medicine

    You can make payment via cash, credit card or debit card.

    The office is located at 410 State Street in North Haven, CT.

    Sheneese Charles, PMHNP accepts various types of health insurance, but individual coverage may be variable. You should check with your health insurance whether the particular doctor is in network or not.

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